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Certification Regarding Debarment Suspension Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion Lower Tier Covered Transactions This certification is required by the regulations implementing Executive Order 12549 Debarment and Suspension 13 CFR Part 145. If it is later determined that the prospective lower tier participant knowingly rendered an erroneous certification in addition to other remedies available to the Federal Government the department or agency with which this transaction originated may...
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(see attached document, “) .... (the document attached) SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .... the document attached) SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .... SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .... small business grant program grant application information ... SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .... small business grant program grant funds are not eligible for disbursements. ... (see attached document for information to determine if the funds are debarred, suspended, ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from the covered transactions or covered transactions) ... (also see attached document, which demonstrates disbursements of small business grant programs funds) ... (also see attached document, which demonstrates disbursements of small business grant programs funds) (e) The agency determines in writing that no evidence exists of a “public interest,” as defined by the New York State Human Rights Law. (f) The agency determines in writing that it was not responsible for the acts described in this section. Dated this 27th day of December 2012. (Signed by Judge Edward F. Kennedy on 27th December 2012) [1] For the reasons that follow, we reverse the grant of a declaratory judgment action filed by plaintiffs, The City of New York and the New York Post Co., against the New York Post Co. on the basis of statements made by Defendants in the Times Record of News Articles. These statements alleged that “the [Times Record of News Articles] … contained numerous fabricated and false statements concerning the city's handling of several large fires in the past decade.” [2] It is well established that the City of New York has an interest in the accuracy of information contained in local media articles and broadcast news broadcasts, and it must investigate all allegations of material inaccuracy and promptly respond in a timely fashion to allegations of negligence or improper conduct arising from the public disclosure of information contained thereon. In a similar vein, an appropriate public interest defense may be available to public entities in response to the public disclosures of alleged public records, including claims of violations of the Public Officers Law or the Freedom of Information Law, or of false statements made in connection with the public disclosure of an alleged public record and the public's right to obtain such information.
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(upbeat music) — Hello, and thank you for joining today's acquisition seminar hosted by the Federal Acquisition Institute. Today's seminar entitled Suspension and Debarment: What Makes a Successful Meeting will give us a glimpse into the minds of Suspension and Debarment Officials in the Federal Government, and a band the closed door look at a successful meeting between a Suspension and Debarment Official and contractor representatives. Suspension and debarment, two terms that probably strike terror into the heart of any company or individual that wants to do business with the Federal Government. But suspension and debarment aren't meant to be punitive. And meetings with Suspension and Debarment Officials are not meant to be contentious or antagonistic. Suspension and debarment are used only as a last resort to protect the interests of the Federal Government. More often than not, a meeting with a Suspension and Debarment Official is an opportunity to help an individual or company get back on track. To enlighten us on the implications of suspension and debarment, we have a team of officials from agencies across the Federal Government. First we'll present two Suspension and Debarment Officials as they discuss, among other things, what they look for when they're determining a contractor's present responsibility and how members of the acquisition workforce can help. Then we'll present an example of a contractors meeting with a Suspension and Debarment Official. These closed door meetings have wide-ranging effects on Federal Government procurement across all agencies. The meetings are necessarily private, but they are one of a Suspension and Debarment Official's most useful and effective tools for enhancing contractor responsibility. I think our presentations will help demystify suspension and debarment, and what officials are looking for when they meet with a contractor. And they'll shed light on what contractors can do to most effectively work with government to prevent exclusion. Before we begin, let me remind you that we will hold a live question and answer session at the end of today's presentation. If you have questions about anything you see or hear, we encourage you to submit them at any time using the survey link to the right of the video screen. We will collect and review your questions during the presentations, take a short break, and then we'll return to answer as many as we can. And with that, let's get started. I'm very pleased to introduce to you now, Maria Sway, Suspension and Debarment Official for the U.S. General Services Administration and Rod Grandson, Suspension and Debarment Official for the U.S. Air Force. — Hello I'm Maria Sway, the suspension and debarment official for the General Services Administration, and I'm here with Rod Grandson from the Air Force, and he's also the Air Force's Suspension and Debarment Official. Today we're going to have a conversation about suspension and debarment from the perspective of the...
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